Maester Orstyn

Maester of House Caragore


Maester Orstyn is a man in his sixties, despite looking older. Orstyn, before taking the chain, was a dornishman who found himself getting into more trouble than his lord liked. Eventually the lord forced a decision upon Orstyn, who ultimately decided that he would take up the chains of the Maester. The young man spent much time at the Citadel and, to his surprise, found out that he quite enjoyed books and learning. After the completion of his chain, Orstyn was serviced to the young house Caragore where he served Lord Duncan during the early years of his lordship. Orstyn has educated most of the Caragore’s in the household and is quite fond of the family, acting often as a grandfatherly figure to Erryk and Walter.


Maester Orstyn is a man who believes that common sense is far too scarce in Westeros, and unfortunately house Caragore is no exception. Orstyn does his best to give sound and reasonable advice to not just Eorlanas but, the whole family. Orstyn is quite familiar and close with the boys as he was the man who educated them on the finer things during their upbringing. It is also known that Orstyn prefers dornish food to western dishes, and cares little for wine and drink. In his later years, it is known that Orstyn’s bones have been getting stiff and his ears are hardly what they once where. The old Dornishman still has his wits and discipline about him, despite his frustrations with age.

Maester Orstyn

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