Lady Kasheen Burnwillow

Master at Arms of House Caragore


Age: 25
Height: 4’ 10"
Weight: 101 lb
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Complexion: Fair, Westerosi

Short crannogmen woman from the Neck, very long black hair, rarely wears dresses or very fine clothing. Often carries a frog spear, a light center-grip shield, a hunting bow, and an assortment of daggers.


Born the only child to Tara Caragore and Larken Burnwillow, Kasheen grew up in the marshes of the Neck with House Burnwillow. Her first sixteen years were here, learning to hunt and fight, and stubbornly doing just about whatever she decides to, with occasionally visits to her mother’s family in Gorehall. After that, she spent the next three years traveling the North, the Riverlands, and then the Westerlands, in order to see more of the world. Kasheen then moved into Gorehall with House Caragore, and after a couple years, became their master at arms and commander of their scouts.

Kasheen has a courageous spirit, but tends to be arrogant, believing she can handle anything thrown her way and is as stubborn as they come. Has a habit of cracking her neck and knuckles. Doesn’t open up often. Enjoys gardening, combat competition, sports, theatre, acrobatics. Likes to talk about plants, weapons, and stories. Worships the Old Gods.


Lord Duncan “the Simple” Caragore – Grandfather
Lord Larken Burnwillow – Father
Lady Tara Caragore – Mother
Lord Eorlanas Caragore – Uncle
Lady Gyl Goodbrook – Aunt
Erryk Caragore – Cousin
Walter Caragore – Cousin
Uncle Crazy-beard (Ser Cregan Caragore) – Uncle
Orys Caragore – Cousin once removed
Edwyn Hill – Cousin



Lady Kasheen Burnwillow

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