Arron Talmont

The Hellhound


Arron Talmont is the younger brother of Argus the Beast. Arron was said to have been born cruel, and his cruelty only grew with his age. Arron killed his mother in a fit of rage, then covered it up to his brother by convincing him their father was having an affair with a local knights lady. This knight and lady happened to be the parents of Robb Stonecrow. Argus and Arron rode to the Stonecrows with an army with which they razed the lands, murdered the men and raped the women. Upon returning to their father, Arron convinced Argus to murder their father. After which the two fled their castle, disappearing for many years. Upon their travels, Arron had a chance encounter with Lady Kasheen of house Burnwillow. Arron was killed in his encounter after he tried to rape Kasheen.

The Talmont sigil is a black hound face on a grey mountain.

Arron fancied his own sigil a barking red hounds surrounded by flame, upon a field of black.

Arron Talmont

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