Argus Talmont

The Beast, The Shrieking Knight, Mad-Dog Argus


Argus is a giant man, standing in well over six and a half feet and built as sturdy as castle. His chestnut hair is cropped jagged and short, his face mottled with stubble. His right eye is swollen and scarred from where he has lost an eye. Argus had as thick brow and thin lips that leave him with a permanent scowl.


Argus was the son of a minor lord in the Vale, and elder brother to Arron the Hellhound. Argus was said to have had a deprived childhood with a cruel father and a distant mother. Argus and Arron grew up close as a result, though both seemed to be touched with sometime sinister. When Arron brought news of their dead mother, Argus sought vengeance on those responsible. He led a party to the Stonecrows were he watched as his brother set fire to their homes and looted his fill. When he returned home, the Hellhound explained that their father was just as at fault. Worse even, given their years of being abused. Argus felt little relief when he beat his father to death. After the death of his father, Argus and Arron fled to the roads. Years later, he watched as Kasheen Burnwillow slayed his brother, and took his eye. He has spent his life hunting Kasheen ever since, following her as far as the Gorehall. Argus began pillaging and raiding, soon attracting more and more mean to join his band. He hunts Kasheen to this day.

The Talmont sigil is a black hound face on a grey mountain.

Argus Talmont

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