Gorehall is the seat of House Caragore in the Westerlands. Located south of the Crag and west of Ashemark, it is located high on a mountain overlooking the Sunset Sea. Gorehall contains silver mines.



Gorehall was an unnamed watchtower belonging to House Reyne, but as the commerce through the mountainous region and sea grew, people started populating the area and using it as a rest-stop on their journeys to Castamere and other castles nearby. With the Fourth Blackfyre rebellion it was awarded to the heroic Beren “Steelbreaker” Caragore . Besides being an unmatched force in battle, Beren was an able steward as well. He exploited the silver ore found in the mountains and used the wealth to reform the watchtower in a keep, complete with a small town, a smithy and a tavern.


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