Warden Edgar of Ashemark

Marbrand House Guard


A hard ass of a man, kind of a dick. Right ear is half cut off due to Walter and Gerold.

Edgar was born in Ashemark where he lived for many years before moving to the Crag. Edgar, better known as the Warden, is known for his discipline, hard head, and efficiency. He doesn’t often get the opportunity to “chat” with prisoners, though when he does it is usually a one sided conversation.

After the peasant revolt at the Crag, Edgar the Warden was stripped of title by Lord Westerling and exiled from Westerling lands. Edgar returned to the Marbrands of Ashemark, and with friends and family near his home, he found himself armed and given the honor of house guard for the Marbrands.

Edgar is naught soon to forget the Caragore’s maiming him.


Warden Edgar of Ashemark

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