Walter Caragore

Second Son of House Caragore


Age: 17
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Hair Color: Chestnut brown
Eye Color: Blue

Walter is rather skinny, not possesing much muscle. Despite that fact he is definately a handsome young man with short, neatly cut chestnut hair and cold, blue eyes. He often has a small smile on his face, even when he’s agitated, always keeping his calm.

In the household he usually walks around wearing a silk shirt, embroided with the silver chimera of house Caragore on his right shoulder. He is often seen in different places of the house going through books and maps, walking along side the Maester of the house.


Walter Caragore, the youngest son of the Caragore family. Currently 17 years old, second in line of inheritance after his older brother Erryk Caragore.
This person is very different when compared to his siblings, both in body and mind. While his older brothers are skilled warriors that always exceled in training Walter has no such talent, he uses his mind and his stellar looks to achieve his goals rather than muscle and brute force. From an early age Walter has always been sickly , catching colds in the full summer, with low stamina and strength, taking longer to recover from bruises or illness.

Instead of spending time in the practice yard where the men train for battle he spends his days reading books, books of various origins and topics and talking with various people, both small folk and of higher stature thus becoming fluent in negotiations and intrigue.
He has developed a rather warm relationship with the Maester of the house.

While Erryk is honorable to a fault, always going about honor, chivalry and oaths… Walter sees these virtues as obstacles and limitations, realizing that status and wealth are the true measure of a person, for those without power are always the first to die, both on the battlefield and in court. He realized he will never distinguish himself as a warrior…instead he decided to use any means necessary to achieve his goals, be it blackmail, deceit or even murder. Wearing a mask of nobility and courtesy Walter will climb his way through the ranks and have everyone see his worth.

That said, Walter is not a monster in human skin, he has great respect towards his family and will definately work for their mutual benefit, and while he might not share Erryks ideals
he understands what he represents for the family and knows he can count on his support in dire need.

Growing up with a bastard brother was however…difficult for Walter, Edwyn Hill would often get into verbal squables and likewise Walter would often remind him of his bastard origins when he wanted to anger him or hurt him.
When Edwyn disappeared – Walter considered it a good thing, as if a stain on the family reputation was washed away. These days they remain on rather distant terms, staying out of each others way.

His father deeply disapproves of his low level of commitment and lacking capabilities when it comes to combat and while he might respect Walters thirst for knowledge and his more cunning side they remain on rather neutral ground.

Due to his sickly nature Walter never had a chance to travel long distances and see what Westeros has to offer, therefore he is a huge enthusiast of anything exotic and new, especially stories from distant lands, it’s also part of the reason why he gets along so well with his uncle Cregan and tolerates his friend: The Bastard Gregor Hill.

Lady Kasheen Burnwillow – Cousin
Ser Gerold Hill – Sworn Sword
Eorlanas – Father
Erryk Caragore – Older Brother
Edwyn Hill – Bastard Brother
Cregan Caragore – Uncle


Walter Caragore

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