Septa Maege

The Septless Septa of Gorehall


Though Maege is a firm believer in the seven, her dark hair, eyes, and pale skin betray her northern roots.


Maege was born in Flint’s Finger in the North. Maege was daughter to a merchant who had brought his wares to Flint’s Finger and fell in love. Unfortunately after Maege’s birth, her mother left the two. Maege’s father grew to resent her and later gave her to the sept, where she was educated and made a septa. Maege had traveled long and far, doing the work of the Seven. She claims that the Father has brought her to the Gorehall for some purpose. She offers advice to the Caragore’s, preaches sermons in the streets, or helps the smallfolk of the Gorehall.

Septa Maege

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