Tessal the Myrman

The Myrish Merchant


Tassel is a middle-aged man of six-and-forty, though his face does not betray his age. The olive skinned Myrish man has long and grey, braided hair pulled tightly to the back of his head, draping down to the small of his back. The Myrman has long, beak of a nose and sharp green eyes. It is said that he has a smile that can bewitch even the most firm of resolution.


Tessal is a myrish merchant who has lived in Lannisport for near that last dozen years. Tessal is a shrewd businessman, with wares both native to Westeros and from the exotic Free Cities across the Narrow Sea. The myrman is quite wealthy, and has many friends in high places. It is said that Tessal may be involved with a shadier market as well, though few openly address such rumors.

Tessal the Myrman

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