The Shrieking Knight

The Bandit of the Western Shore


Gorehall Maester’s note, 281AC – Fourth day of the Third Moon.

Rumors regarding bandits in the forest:

The rumor has it that bandits infest the forests outside Gorehall. Many a lone passenger never returned from the trip. so it is certainty they hold at least some merit.

Peasants and miners speculate greatly about both the goals and the leader of these robbers.

Others dismiss those claims as utter rubbish and claim that a robber knight has built a small wooden keep there, and prays on the caravans, sharing loot with his men. Those who believe this call him the Shrieking Knight and believe his battle prowess is unparalleled.

Some stories claim that he’s more monster than man. It is said that he is a steel-clad giant, with the wings of a bat, and eyes of fire.


The Shrieking Knight made an appearance at the Tourney of the Crag, where he savagely beat Clynt the Reaver. Fortunately before any more blood could be spilt, Ser Cregan managed to interrupt the bandits fight, and with one massive blow, Cregan put the bandit in his place. The bandit was imprisoned at the Crag after Cregan had mangled his arm. The Shrieking Knight has since escaped the prison cells at the Crag.

The Shrieking Knight

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