Ser Gerold Hill

Master of the Hunt, Kennelmaster for House Caragore


Age: 31
Height: 182cm
Weight: 78kg
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: Green
Complexion: tanned

Grizzled old fighter, greedy for gold, worldly, adopted much of the Essosi culture.

When in court he wears extravagant and colorful clothes. Combs perfume in his beard.

In battle he usually uses a double curved bow, and in meele a longsword and a shield. Sports a ring-mail armor. Loyal dog Markus follows him everywhere.

Personal coat-of-arms consist of a single black ship on red – a variation of House Farman sigil.



Gerold is a bastard brother of Lord Sebaston Farman of Fair Isle. As a consequence of being scorned at court he spent his youth among smallfolk, hunting, drinking and singing bawdy tunes. He developed a love for the bow while hunting, and skill to match that love as well.
Under the influence of the books, particularly the work of Lomas Longstrider, and local tales of adventures told by fishermen, whores and the rest of the unwashed masses he often gazed in the sea and dreamed of many a thing – shadowbinders, Lyseni pleasure gardens and the tales of Qaartheen warlocks among them. At the tender age of 15 he decide to depart for a tour of Essos. His Lord father was pleased to get rid of the shame that a bastard son is, and gave him a sufficient amount of gold and a passage on one of the merchant cogs.
Life was tougher in Essos than he thought would be, especially since he squandered his gold soon, being used to iced milk and raspberry and other courtly commodities. So at 17 he met a captain of the Company of the Cat, and joined them after displaying his markmanship skill by shooting a sparrow in mid flight.
He got all the grim realities and none of the exotic mysteries in his service, but he got used to rugged conditions and even rose up to be the commander of the company archers. During his service, Gerold got knighted by another Westerosi exile knight, or so he claims.
10 years in Essos made him more of a pirate than a knight and he picked up many eastern habits, playing cyvasse, eating locusts and a taste for sweet Volantene wines among them. He grew extensively greedy as well as a result of the sellswords way of life and a never-ending quest for more gold.
He got back to Westeros upon hearing his Lord father has died, and his brother rose up as a Lord.
Reason for his return was strictly to attend the funeral, but his brothers was of the opinion Gerold came back to try and claim the Lordship for himself and forbade him to ever set foot on Fair Isle again.
That broke his spirit but he decided to stay close to home this time, and seeked out his childhood friend Cregan Caragore, who accepted him and he stayed in Gorehall these last 2 years, earning for his living as Master of the Hunt.

Ser Gerold Hill

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