Ser Rodrick "the Indomitable" Caragore

Father of Orys, Former Steward of Gorehall, Knight of the Seven, Uncle to Lord Caragore, Commander of the Gorehall's Infantry, Castellan of the Gorehall


Ser Rodrick was the second son of Beren Caragore, being born in 217 AC less than one year after Duncan, and a rather impressive commander of both coin and men. His lordfather arranged a marriage between Rodrick and Lyanna, a member of a cadet branch of house Crakehall, shortly after Rodrick’s knighting. Ser Rodrick was the house steward for his brother Lord Duncan the Simple until he had joined in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. During which he was called “the Indomitable” for his prowess in commanding units. Rodrick often claims to have fought side-by-side with Ser Barristan Selmy during the War, though it could be another Caragore tall tale. After the war, Rodrick returned to Gorehall to continue his stewardship and to pass his knowledge onto his son, Orys. Rodrick witnessed the beating of his brother at the hand of Lannisters, and was never quite right after it. After Rodrick retired from stewardship, he became acting commander of the Caragore infantry.


Ser Rodrick "the Indomitable" Caragore

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