Robb Stonecrow

Former Heir to House Stonecrow, Sellsword in Service to Caragore


Gender: Male

Age: 19

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 150Ibs

He has neck length black hair and deep brown eyes as well as a visible scar on the right hand corner of his lip which stretches down to the cleft of his chin. His jawline is frequently seen with boyish stubble showing that despite his outward appearance, he is still a relatively young man.

Despite not being a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch, Robb is quite fond of wearing a rather black attire. While not the fanciest of clothes, they certainly are durable and made to last. His boots are a thick hide, and beneath greaves of mail he wears leather leggings. he wears three layers upon his torso. Starting with a linen undershirt, over which he wears a dark jerkin of boiled leather and over that he wears a chest piece of mail armor. Offering him both decent protection from arrows, while giving the amount of flexibility needed to be quick and agile in combat.

He also wears a black coat, more of a decorative piece considering its red velvet inlay as well as its thick outer side which provides him with both relative warmth and wind break should he need to shield himself with it.

His weapons include primarily a castle forged long-sword given to him by the smith of Gorehall. And his old shield given to him by Ser Kane of Gulltown. For over three years the shield has accompanied him on his adventures and guarded him from the likes of bandits, beasts and other terrors of Westeros. However because of its frequent use, it is a constant burden to maintain. And the once decorative black crow of House Stormcrow can no longer be seen on the shield due to the amount of times it has needed to be repainted.

Robb now carries a different sigil on his shield, repainting it whenever it is time to hand the shield over to the smith for repair. An inverted crow engulfed in red flames, as a way of reminding him of his past.



Robb was the first born son of Hadric and Diana Stonecrow in the year 263 AC. They were the heads of a lesser house in service to House Arryn. Hadric was a Knight of the Vale and as such, Robb grew to yearn for the chance to take his place. He was trained in the arts of battle tactics by Maester Oswin of Old Town and the art of warfare by Ser Kane of Gulltown, where Sword and Shield proved to be his best style, with other advances in Archery.

Sadly Robb’s life took a tragic turn when he awoke to find that his home was on fire, and that his parents had been murdered. As he ran to escape the flames, one of the attackers, who was shrouded by a long black cloak cornered him and slashed Robb’s face, giving him a permanent scar across his chin.

In the ensuing scuffle between the two, a burning beam gave way, separating him from his attacker and allowing Robb to escape out the back door and into the woods. When he gave his would be killers the slip, he wandered and was eventually found the next day.

House Stonecrow was all but dead, he was the last one. However, when he pressed for House Arryn to try and capture those responsible. Ultimately House Arryn could do nothing, for there was no evidence of any attackers to be found, no tracks, no sign of disappearance, despite the fact that Robb held a piece of fabric from the man’s cloak a piece that held the man’s sigil:

A fiery hellhound on a black field in a circle of red flames.

Seeing how there would be no justice for him. Robb decided to liquidate his house and return the lands to the Vale, once he armed himself with weapons gifted by Ser Kane, and provisions from Maester Oswin, Robb set out in a pursuit of vengeance, ultimately becoming a sell sword to keep his purse filled and his belly full.

He wandered the lands of Westeros for three whole years, before having an encounter with Edwyn Hill, the second born bastard son of Lord Eorlanas Caragore of Gorehall. Upon entering into a brawl with Edwin and both men being subsequently thrown from the tavern, the two instantly bonded in their drunken stupor. It was then that Edwin took Robb home to Gorehall where he was introduced to the Lord and his house. And where he ultimately entered the man’s service as a sell sword. He has remained ever since, biding his time and waiting until he can find those responsible for murdering his family and take his revenge.

Robb Stonecrow

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