Lord Sebaston Farman

Lord of House Farman


Sebaston is a man a few years shy of Cregan Caragore, and his brother, Ser Gerold Hill, but attractive man with jet black hair and pencil thin mustache. However, age caught up with him and his hair is thinning on top, and his face shows signs of sun spots here and there. He has a pointy nose and small jaw. The Lord is still a fit man with broad shoulders, with muscular arms and legs. His hands are thin with long curvy fingers.. He typically wears the noble vestments embroidered with the sigil of Farman.

He is the younger of the two sons of late Lord Farman, but since the elder is a bastard, he remained as a sole heir to his father’s house and lands. Gerold earned his hatred when he came back from Essos after a decade of wandering to, in his opinion, try to usurp his title. Sebaston never liked the bastard much but after that his hatred for Gerold is second only to his hatred of the ironborn.

Sebaston and Gerold have one sister as well, Jeyne, who is married to Ser Gareth Clifton.


Lord Sebaston Farman

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