Lord Eorlanas Caragore

Lord of House Caragore


HEIGHT: 187 cm
WEIGHT: 80 kg
HAIR COLOUR: White with a golden tint (from his younger years)
AGE: 39

Eorlanas Caragore is an authoritative man who has been head of the Caragore house for near twenty years now. Eorlanas never had much of a childhood as he was groomed to be a soldier and a lord from a very young age. Eorlanas was never close with his older sister Tara, or later his younger brother Cregan, as a result of his grooming. Eorlanas witnessed his father’s beating and it left him quite traumatized. During the subsequent years Eorlanas was squired and knighted by the Caragore Master at Arms. Eorlanas did have a brief opportunity to travel as a representative of house Caragore, seeing as his lordfather was quite unable to, and during these travels he even had the opportunity to test his swordsmanship against Ser Arthur Dayne. After the tourney however, he had received word that his father was fading quickly. Eorlanas proved himself as a pragmatic lord early on, though over the course of his lordship his haunted memories began to take their toll. After Eorlanas’ first son, he bore a bastard, followed by another natural born son. It seems that during the recent years of his reign law outside of the walls of Gorehall seems to be losing its meaning. During his sons adolescence, their mother had passed away further plummeting Eorlanas into a state of paranoia and despair.


Eorlanas is the second child of Lord Duncan the Simple and Lady Eleana Celtigar, preceded by his elder sister Tara, and born in 242 AC. Eorlanas is also one of the few Caragores who seemed to lack the auburn hair and green eyes, as he takes after his ladymother. Duncan was always a stressed man who tried to fill his own father’s shoes and he was certain that he would ensure his own son wouldn’t feel as inadequate. During Eorlanas’ childhood he was kept apart from the other children as he was constantly being groomed for lordship, both in study by maester and combat by the master at arms. As a result, Eorlanas grew to be clever and capable with a sword, yet rather curt, manipulative and, at times, quite antagonistic.

By the time his brother, Cregan, was born Eorlanas was spending whole days practicing swordplay and whole nights by a candle, reading the histories and wars of Westeros. During his teenage years Eorlanas became more intrigued by politics and would often sit on his fathers council, and offering his thoughts to his father whenever Eorlanas deemed appropriate. During the prelude to the Reyne and Tarbeck uprising, Eorlanas firmly believed that being supporters of the Reynes that they should be more openly involved. Duncan thought long and hard but ultimately disagreed with his son, feeling it best to let the high lords play their games. When Eorlanas was ten-and-eight years the impressionable lordling witnessed the beating of his father and the kidnapping of his child brother. Eorlanas would remember the man who brought such ruin to their house, as Caragore’s do not forget easily.

The next few months Eorlanas spent with his mother tending to Lord Duncan day-and-night. Eorlanas steadily watched as his father recovered into a husk of the man he once was. Shortly thereafter, Eorlanas was named lord of Gorehall and thusly was forced to become the lord his father could not. Eorlanas learned quite quickly how manipulative the men and women of court were, having no intention on being a puppet.

Eorlanas married early into his lordship to a younger lady, Gyl of house Goodbrook, and was given a son, Erryk, not much less than a year after they wed. Lord Eorlanas and Lady Gyl traveled to house Goodbrook to introduce the first child of the two houses. During his stay here, Eorlanas was said to have taken a liking to one of Gyl’s cousins and laid with her. Eorlanas would find out two years later when he and his ladywife would return to present their second son, Walter. Lord Eorlanas demanded to take the bastard back with him and so, the Caragore got his way and would return with his wife, heirs, and his bastard boy to Gorehall.

The only time lords and ladies said that Lord Eorlanas smiled since the death of his father was during the Lannisport Tournament in 276 AC, celebrating the birth of Prince Viserys. It was said that here Eorlanas fought the Sword of the Morning in the melee, and held his ground despite ultimately losing to Ser Dayne. After the Lannisport Tourney, Eorlanas would return home and finally settle into his throne and plot his revenge.
Eorlanas gave little time to his children, and even less to his wife. He would spend countless hours during the night obsessing over the Lannisters, his vengeance, and the “enemies” around him. Lord Eorlanas seemed to suffer the most after the loss of his wife in 279 AC, though many have their suspicions as to what happened to the late Lady Gyl. Some far darker than others, and none bold enough to say. After the death of Eorlanas’ late wife, he seems to have become more manic and paranoid.

Lord Eorlanas Caragore

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