Lady Tara Caragore

Sister to Lord Caragore, Wife of Larken Burnwillow


HEIGHT: 155.45 cm
WEIGHT: 58.97 kg
EYE COLOUR: Blue-Green
HAIR COLOUR: Dark Auburn (few greys)
AGE: 43

To say that the eldest Caragore sibling had a tame spirit was akin to saying the youngest Caragore enjoyed sobriety. The first child of Lord Duncan Caragore and Lady Eleana Celtigar was born in 238 AC. She is the elder of her lordbrother, Eorlanas by 4 years and Cregan by 15. Tara was known for her willful spirit, and was oft found adventuring out past the walls of the Gorehall. When it was time to find a suitor, she refused all. Over the course of the years, Tara’s relationship would be strained. By the time Lady Tara had received word of her father’s beating she had long since lived in the Neck, where she was married to Lord Larken Burnwillow. Lady Tara and Lord Larken have one trueborn heir, Kasheen.


Lady Tara Caragore

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