Lady Eleana Banefort

Daughter of the Lord of Banefort


Lady Eleana is a noblewoman, the only trueborn daughter of the Lord of the Banefort.

She is quite comely looking with long, brunette hair going past her shoulders and porcelain white skin. Very popular amongst the nobles, with many suitors lining up for her hand in marriage.

Despite all this, even at the age of 25, she still remains unmarried and is determined to follow her own heart in choosing her husband.

Recently her father recieved a letter from Tywin Lannister, suggesting she marry Lord Eorlanas Caragore, the current Lord of Gorehall – this led to the meeting between her and the Caragore delegation at the tourney of the Crag.

Mysteriously murdered during the peasant revolt, her body found sitting in a chair in the Caragore tent, her throat slashed.


Lady Eleana Banefort

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