Gawen, the Guardsman

Master-at-Arms of the Gorehall


Gawen is a bastard of house Serrett in the westerlands. He has cut ties with his family many years ago in search of his own glory and recognition, never calling upon his family for money or favours.
He used to be a tourney competitor in his younger days, particulary favoring the melee thanks to his expertise with a double handed warhammer.

He worked for years as a guard at Gorehall, under the command of Cregan Caragore. A skilled warrior but more importantly a teacher and shrewd strategist.

Many say that he covets the position of Master at Arms at Gorehall, currently held by Kasheen Burnwillow. While he respects her as a warrior he claims to be better suited for the role due to his experiance on the battlefield and with the training of troops. Some ever dare say it’s because she’s a woman, built for other things.

After the failed counterattack on the bandits in the Coastwoods, Kasheen was stripped of rank and Gawen was promoted to the new Master-at-Arms.

Gawen, the Guardsman

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