Ser Erryk Caragore

Heir to House Caragore, Knight of the Seven


HEIGHT: 6’ 2"
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
EYE COLOUR: Dark Green
AGE: 20

Honorable almost to a fault. Devoted to his role as the heir and future lord of house Caragore. Respectful and trusting to a point of gullibility.


Erryk Caragore is the 1st born son of Lord Eorlanas Caragore and Lady Gyl Goodbrook and the heir to house Caragore.

Erryk grew up closely with is younger brother Walter Caragore and his bastard brother, Edwyn Hill. He even went so far as to train in combat with Edwyn until his disappearance. Erryk was even known to occasionally read with Walter. He was always very protective of his younger brother due to his various illnesses and lack of fighting ability. Though he knows Walter can be deceiving he would always be there to protect is baby brother.

Eorlanas has always been very critical of Erryk. As his heir Erryk is expected to take over for his father after he passes.
However, the two of them could not be more different. Erryk had grown up reading books of old Kings and heroes and wanted to one da be like them. He worked hard to be the best warrior he could be just like the heroes he grew up hearing stories about. He idolized the champions of old and the noble knights in the stories. Due to this he grew up to become a very honorable and noble man. He takes pride in the fact that his honor is unquestionable. He would sacrifice himself to protect others without hesitation and his father feels this is foolish. Erryk is constantly trying to gain the approval of his father while not compromising his own values.

Erryk was raised knowing about the destruction of House Rayne by the Lannisters.
Being born shortly after the incident – he was not present when Tywin destroyed house Reyne but he had grown up hearing the stories from his father, stories of the unjust rule of Tywin Lannister.
This instilled a hatred for the Lannisters. Being an honorable man Erryk had always seen the Lannisters as a family of honorless cravens. Erryk would love nothing more than to bring justice to house Lannister for their past crimes.

Ser Erryk Caragore

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