Edwyn Hill

Bastard of Caragore, The Black Chimera


HEIGHT: 6’ 2"
WEIGHT: 13 Stone
AGE: 20

Confident, Good With Women, Sarcastic, Cynical, Enjoys the company of Commoners, brusque but respectful towards his family.

Multiple deep scars across his back, Tall, Lithe, Athletic, Graceful, Handsome.
When not in combat, he wears high collared leather shirts, and tailored leggings, with high ankle leather boots. He wears Donella’s necklace (a sparrow flying through a hoop) around his neck, and never takes it off.


The Second, albeit Bastard born child of Lord Caragore and a minor Noblewoman from the Riverlands, Edwyn always wanted to make his family proud as a boy, but was beaten down by everyone around him due to his bastard birth. As such, he grew up to be a bitter and resentful young man, constantly reminded of his position in society as he was cruelly bullied by his father’s courtiers.

It was often remarked that whilst Erryk was the burning candle who illuminated the hall, Golden-haired and bright eyed, Edwyn was the shadow that played upon the flickering of the flame; dark, melancholy, sinister, and ever-present, the dark haired echo of his half-brother.

One day, aged 15, he decided to stop trying to meet the requirements that everyone expected of him, assumed a new identity, and ran away from his family to life his life on his own terms as a scoundrel, free of the burden of expectation and responsibility. Edwyn traveled to the Reach, becoming an apprentice to a wandering Braavosi swordman, Lyrios, who taught him the skills necessary to survive on the road, as well as how to fight in the Braavosi tradition. At one point, Edwyn was captured and tortured by bandits, leaving him horribly scarred, but the Braavosi saved him before he was executed. Despite these hardships, Edwyn still has a good heart, but he hides it beneath a cold exterior to avoid it being seen as a weakness. At the age of 18, he fell deeply love with a young prostitute called Donella, who reciprocated his love and wanted to escape her life of prostitution. The couple tried to elope together, but Donella’s Madame, Ursula, had her brutally murdered, and the murder pinned on Edwyn.

Branded as a murderer and abandoned by all his friends for a crime he did not commit, Edwyn was forced to flee, forsaking his Braavosi tutor, who vowed to kill Edwyn for his supposed treachery, and began his long journey back to the Westerlands, having reverted once again to his true identity – yet still, every night, his dreams are haunted by the vision of his love, lying in a pool of blood, crying out for his help whilst he helplessly watches, leaving him mentally scarred and very protective of the few friends he has.

After this event, Edwyn began to drink heavily in an attempt to numb the pain and the anger he felt inside, developing a flamboyant attitude and pursuing a polyamourous lifestyle; one that his skill at seduction and his athletic, handsome features certainly made easier.
One evening, Edwyn, after running out of coppers to pay for drinks in a tavern somewhere between Highgarden and Casterly Rock, started a brawl with a young mercenary. After a broken table or two, the two were eventually thrown out by the innkeeper and his sons and, as they lay dazed in the road, began laughing at their situation, and became steadfast friends.

Alongside his new companion, Edwyn agrees to return to his family’s anscestral home, and make himself useful so that he can rise above his bastardy and live his life on his own terms. The sell-sword, Robb Stonecrow, accompanies him, seeking wealth and respect alongside his new companion.

Edwyn is a good person who is willing to do bad things for a good cause. He is not above unscrupulous acts such as theft or cheating, and is not held back by any true sense of knightly honour, preferring to get things done quickly and efficiently. He is no longer bothered with trying to conform to his family’s expectations, and wants nothing more than to be respected by his peers. Due to his cunning, he is still useful to his family, who keep him around as a retainer, but nonetheless still belittle his role in the court, despite his talents as both a cunning manipulator and a capable fighter.

Edwyn has a grudging respect for his father, and has a healthy relationships with his brother Erryk, despite the fact that he considers him to be somewhat naive.
His relationship with his youngest brother, Walter, is more guarded, despite their characteristic similarities.

Where Erryk is noble to a fault and trusting of everyone, Edwyn is guarded, cunning and introvert, protecting his older half-brother from the shadows, just as he lurks in them himself. But where Edwyn possesses an animalistic sort of cunning and the will to survive, his youngest brother, Walter, eclipses Edwyn’s talents at courtly manipulation. Combined with their history of mutual dislike, the half-brothers rarely see eye to eye on many matters.

Despite all this, he is fiercely protective of both of his siblings, quickly moving to intercept any threats to their safety, though he often chides them angrily for forcing him to take risks on their behalf. He also gets on well with his Uncle, Cregan, who was one of the few to treat him with kindness as a boy.

He is cynical and pragmatic, and thus does not put much faith in the gods, the Old or the New.

Edwyn reverses his father’s Coat of Arms, as is traditional with Noble Bastards in the Seven Kingdoms.


Edwyn Hill

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