Lord Duncan "the Simple" Caragore

Former Lord of Gorehall


Duncan Caragore was the son of Beren Caragore, born in 216 AC, elder brother to Ser Rodrick, and a father to Eorlanas Caragore and Cregan Caragore.

The second Lord of Gorehall, his rule was a quiet one up until the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion. Tywin Lannister stopped by Gorehall, suspecting the involvement of Caragore family due to their previous loyalty to the Reynes. Duncan tried to assure him of lack of any suspicious activity on their part, but the ever doubtful Tywin ordered his guard to beat the aging lord, and shipped his younger son, Cregan, to Fair Isle, to serve the Farmans as a ward.

Duncan survived the beating, but it left him incapable of basic bodily functions, thus earning the nickname ‘the Simple’ among the smallfolk. Following his beating and subsequent death, Eorlanas claimed the Lordship of Gorehall and heralded the third generation of the Caragore lords.


Lord Duncan "the Simple" Caragore

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