Ser Cregan Caragore

Brother to Lord Caragore, Knight of the Seven, Master of Beards


Age: 29
Height: 190.5 cm
Weight: 104.33 kg
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Dark Green

Cregan is a fiercely loyal friend and family man, a respected captain of the guard (for strength in arms, impressive capacity for wine, and his insatiable need to have a different women in his bed near every night), and above all else a man who carries a vendetta. Coming from such a small house, and after suffering such a brutal blow by Tywin Lannister, Cregan has always kept his families interest close at heart and his vengeance close in mind. He is an established swordsman and is comically inept when dealing with any sort of animal. Cregan is generally one to be found in a good mood, save when aiding in plotting the downfall of the Lannisters, because then he truly has the cruelty and tenacity of the Chimera. Cregan very much intends to be on the front lines of this war and has no problem getting his hands dirty in order to do so.


Cregan was born the last born son of Lord Duncan the Simple and Lady Elaena in 253 AC, preceded by his eldest brother Eorlanas and his sister Tara. Cregan was born a Caragore as much as any man could be; hearty, head full of auburn hair, dark green eyes, and eventually skill with a blade. Cregan was born several years after his siblings much to his parents surprise, thus during his youth he was burdened little by responsibility as his brother was already being groomed for lordship. He tended to sneak off in order to play with the other children around Gorehall, one of his closer friends being his cousin Orys. When he would play knights with the other children, he was sure to always play the Steelbreaker, as he was Cregan’s favorite knight.

When Cregan was eight he had his first encounter with the Warden of the West. Cregan stood in Gorehall as his father was accused of aligning with the Reynes of Castamere against the house of Lannister. Cregan remembers his mothers screams as his father was pulled from his seat by Lannister men and savagely beaten as an assurance that house Caragore knew where their allegiances would lie. To add insult to injury Cregan was taken to be warded off by Tywin to the Farman’s of Fair Isle. This event would shape Cregan’s life more than any other moment, for Chimera’s have a long memory, and they do not forget.

Cregan lived and squired on Fair Isle until his was knighted shortly after his sixteenth nameday. During his stay he had grown close the Farman children, closest with the bastard child, Gerold. Cregan and Gerold would often chase girls and sneak wine together, and talk about the adventures they couldn’t wait to have. Before Gerold departed, he remembers the two of them stealing a cask of wine and rolling it out to the shores of Fair Isle. The two drank and had said their goodbyes, before being escorted back home by house guards to an agitated lord and rather angry innkeeper. During his stay on Fair Isle, Cregan was informed that his father was no longer fit to act as Lord of Gorehall and thus the title would be passed to his brother the young Eorlanas.

After Cregan’s knighting he left back for Gorehall. He said brief greetings to his family, Cregan then proceeded to grab a purse full of coin, his sword, and a wineskin so that he could wander Westeros to “make the eight.” He traveled, drank, and whored his way around Westeros from the sands of Dorne to the frosted hills of the North. Finally, after having had his “adventures” he felt it was finally time to come home.

On the road home Cregan drunkenly stumbled upon a farmer’s boy named Content Not Found: addam-the-squire. Cregan related with the want to adventure and in his piss drunk mindset, offered to squire the boy.

Cregan came home bearing gifts and tales for his family of his travels across Westeros, but he was repaid with unfortunate news. His brother’s worsening insanity, bandits roaming the countryside, and Lannisters refusing to give aid. It was at this moment that Cregan realized that the westerlands would be better off without the Lannisters. Thus began Cregan’s war.

Nowadays, Cregan is considered a legendary drinker, an insatiable whoremonger, a fearsome fighter, a man of his family, and an obsessive when it comes to his & his family’s vengeance over the Lannisters. Cregan is also infamously awful with animals and fondly refers to his destrier as “Halfwit.”

Ser Cregan Caragore

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