Brandon, Master of Horse

Gorehalls Master of Horse


Brandon or Bran as he would prefer to be called is the current Master of Horse at Gorehall. A man of no small talent when it comes to training and tending to the magnificent steeds of House Caragore.

Son of a hedgeknight and a whore from one of the brothels in the Riverlands, now 51 years old, balding and limping on his right leg due to an old wound that he never likes to talk about.
He has held this position ever since Eorlanas took up the role as new Lord, a stablehand at first, taking the place of the previous Master of Horse after his passing.

A kind man at heart but very stern when it comes to the stableboys he commands.
Often seen talking to the horses, treating them more like people than beasts, he truly cares for every single one of the horses in his care.

8 years ago, Addam the Squire came to Gorehall and he quickly grew close with Brandon as they spent a lot of time together in the stables. Addam had the same gift with talking to horses and responded well to Brandon’s stern way of teaching. 3 years later he gave Addam his own lady courser named Epona as a gift. Not only for becoming a beast friend, but also for assisting Brandon with labour hard on his old wound and never asking about it.

Brandon also oversees the other stableboys; Jon, son of David, and Willas.


Brandon, Master of Horse

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