Blind Edd

Archer from the Riverlands, Not Blind


A dark haired riverlander with a common face, lacking any remarkable features. Wears a makeshift green cape and hood that seems to have been sown from different cloaks merged together. A calm and composed man, keeping to himself most of the time.


‘Blind’ Edd… a man that is the absolute furthest thing away from being Blind. Why is he called that only he knows and doesn’t seem very keen on sharing it with anyone.

His father was a hunter, a talented archer to be sure, he provided meat for a small village in the Riverlands. He was the man who taught Edd how to use a bow correctly, how to hunt, how to move silently and sneak up on prey.
However the life of a village hunter, while a calm one, brings few monetary rewards.
Edd honed his skills with a bow to near perfection and at the age of 20 he left and never looked back.

Little is known of his travels for the next couple of years, all that is certain is that a man called ‘Blind’ Edd started showing up at different tourneys accross Westeros, often dominating the archery competitions, making a name for himself .

Most recently he took part in the Tourney of the Crag where he was defeated by Ser Gerold Hill, the Master of the Hunt at House Caragore. A rare occurance indeed.

Allegedly sent to the Gorehall on behalf of Grim Roose and the Baneforts.

Blind Edd

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