Lord Beren "Steelbreaker" Caragore

Founder of the House of Caragore


Steelbreaker was born in the year 186 AC, and his story is that of legend in the Gorehall. Beren was a household knight for House Reyne. Ser Beren had engaged in the Third and Fourth Blackfyre rebellions during his years, and squired for a knight in service of the Reynes during the first rebellion. During his years of service he became a close ally to Lord Robert Reyne, he was known for formidable battle skills and a will to do all the dirty work necessary. During his service, Beren also played a large role in the squiring and knighting of Roger Reyne, the Red Lion.

During the fourth Blackfyre rebellion he was a part of Tion Lannister’s host at the Battle of Wendwater Bridge. There he excelled in battle and command, to which after his service Beren was given his lordship and the watchtower that would become Gorehall as a reward.

Beren is somewhat a mythic creature among the Gorehall population. According to the tales, he managed to pair Bittersteel himself in battle, could drink a gallon of wine then lecture the wisest Archmaester in history and astronomy, and could even piss directly into the sea off the walls of the hall. Discarding any of these tall tales is not advisable in the presence of Caragore House members.

Beren was succeeded by both his sons, Lord Duncan and Ser Rodrick.


Lord Beren "Steelbreaker" Caragore

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