Barber at the Gorehall


A comely looking woman, who is dark of hair and eyes. Alys is three-and-twenty years of age. She has her mothers soft features, and sassy nature.


One of the daughters of Tender Ulma and Spotted Tom(probably). She is the middle born daughter, 3rd eldest of the group working at the tavern, helping her parents out in both the kitchen and as a server. She is also somewhat of the Gorehall barber…while it’s not her official function she has proven herself quite handy with a razor and a pair of scissors…and a bit of coin earned on the side never hurt anybody.

Walter Caragore is one of her frequent customers, always keeping his hair neatly cut.

She is a very cheerful young lady, with a sharp sense of humor… known to flirt with the tavern customers frequently…although she rarely takes it seriously.


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