Squire for Erryk Caragore


Age: 18
Height: 175cm/5’7’’
Build: Average/Athletic build.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Light blue.

Addam is a peasant’s son raised on a farm in the Westerlands. He was never particularly good at his family’s trade and spent most of his time fighting imaginary bandits with a wooden sword. To his fathers great dissapointment. As a child, Addam was always rambling on about that some day he would get out of the farmlife and see the world, become a knight and make a name for himself. He had an older brother, Corren. An able farmhand and much bigger and stronger then Addam.

At the age of 10 Addam started as a page for Ser Cregan Caragore, eventually becoming a squire when he reached adolescence.

The night Addam met Ser Cregan, bandits attacked his home and burned down the farm. Addam often tells the story with Cregan appearing just in time to save the boy from a horde of bandits.

After escaping out of the burning homestead, Addam found himself surrounded by the bandits, trying to defend himself with his useless wooden sword. His father’s burnt corpse was lying on the ground next to him, while his mother and brother were screaming out for aid from inside the house.

Wildly under the influence, Cregan cut through the immense horde of bandits with ease, rescuing Addam, but not before the screaming had stopped and the two were left as the only survivors from the fire. Cregan drunkenly offered to squire the boy at that moment, recognizing the thirst for adventure in Addam’s bright blue eyes. Strangely enough, it’s often referred to by Addam as the happiest moment of his life, despite it being the day his old family died.

For Addam, he feels he owes his whole life to House Caragore and Cregan for giving him a purpose and hopes one day to ascend to knighthood.

Although he has picked up some disturbing habits along the way, including Cregan’s passion for wine and hatred for Lannisters, he’s a kind and gentle young man. People say he is talented with a sword and a quick study, but some still doubt his ability to focus in combat.

He is fiercely loyal and after 8 years with House Caragore, the peasant in him is almost completely gone. He does not like to talk about his family or his life before becoming a squire, trying desperately to forget that he’s not of noble stock. As a result, he tends to act disgusted when faced with other smallfolk, reminded of the part of himself he hates most.

He is proficient in handling and communicating with animals. Especially horses, which he learned from Brandon, Master of Horse of House Caragore. Addam is an agile young man and has a talent for thievery.

He has been trained as a long blade fighter, but there have been little time for other studies, leaving him a little unaware at times.

Now, you can often find Addam with the horses, or in the Tavern of the castle drinking with Cregan and Ser Gerold Hill. While fond of the pleasures and effects of wine, Addam insists on not drinking while on duty as squire, to further aspire to his goal of becoming an anointed knight.



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