The Dirge of Caragore

Walter Caragore PoV #1

News of a tourney, Banefort

- Brother, perhaps before departing for the Crag we should speak with the Lord? – Walter turned to Erryk as they were making their way towards the stables.
- Yes…that would be best, we can’t waste anymore time here.
-That we can both agree on, no doubt.

The Banefort wasn’t what Walter had assumed it would be, he imagined a mighty fortress, manned by steal plated warriors, ready for battle. In truth the fort has definitely seen better days, nothing special and quite disappointing in fact…as for the men ? Peasants, the lot of them. Nothing even coming close to the military might and wealth of Caragore.

‘’And we are supposed to ally with these people? What do we gain? Nothing. If anything they gain everything here. Perhaps that is the sole goal of Tywin Lannister in meddling in our affairs…to bind us to House Banefort…teach us another lesson in humility…but perhaps there is something bigger at play here…either way …this might not end well.’’ – These were the type of thoughts haunting Walter Caragore during his stay at the banefort, something about this whole affair has put him in a state of uneasiness and slight paranoia.
As they entered the Lords great hall he was sitting on his throne, with some grim looking fellow, possibly his advisor. In contrast to their last visit Lord Banefort didn’t seem pleased to see them at all, he was sweaty and nervous…constantly exchanging glances with his minion.
- My Lord – Walter gave him a short bow – we have heard word of a tourney, taking place in the Crag, not long from now.
- Ooooh Have you now ? – the fat lord replied with a condescending tone upon him.
- Oh YES. Indeed, very much so. – Walter was unphased, he smiled in return, giving a quick glance to his brother, who remained silent for the moment – It is most curious that we heard the news from a man in your tavern and not from you when we last spoke in the morning.
- I…I…wou-…I – the man started stuttering when called out on his lies, his lack of information – would you like to compete for me ? – he finally blurted out.
- Say no more my lord, we plan to take part in this tourney and we will be leaving your hospitality as soon as we can.
- You are more than welcome to any resources our humble town can offer…by all means….no rush to get out of my town. – Lord Banefort was visibly relieved to hear about their departure…Walter found that most curious…the old man’s attitude has changed dramatically since yesterday…this fueled Walters paranoia even further.
- How generous of you, my lord.
Erryk was silent throughout this exchange… listening in, letting his younger brother speak. This is one of Erryks finer traits that Walter quite liked about him. He was a calm and composed man, careful with his words. When he spoke his tone was calm and steady.
- We thank you my lord, but we will be no more of a burden for you today – he waited for the Lords nod and started making his way outside, Walter followed shortly after, slamming the doors behind him.

They headed almost immediately to the tavern, to meet up with the rest…before long they were all sitting at the table, discussing what just commenced. They finished the drinks, visited the local quartermaster to gather supplies so generously offered to them and not much time has passed until they were on their way to the Crag.


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