The Dirge of Caragore

Erryk POV #3

It was late when Erryk awoke. His head was ringing and he could feel the blood pouring down his face. The room he looked out into was dark. He could barely see anything other than a light candle flickering in the room. The lights swayed and revealed that Erryk was not alone. In the room with him was the unmistakable form of Talmont. Erryk struggled to try to break free but quickly realized he was bound tightly to the chair.
“You’re going to lure the bog witch to me.” Talmont said.
“I’m afraid this plan of yours may come back to bite you. My friends are very capable to take care of you.” Erryk retorted.
“We’ll see.” Talmont said as he slammed the door and left.
Erryk was alone in this dark and swaying room. His head was making the whole room move. He could see the light swaying from the left to the right. He could see the light in the hallway creeping underneath the door as it too swayed back and forth.
Wait a second. Erryk thought, my head is not making this happen. This room is swaying back and forth. Where am I? How did I allow this to happen? I was just trying to find Stonecrow. Why didn’t I wear any armor? I was going to the docks alone and I didn’t bother to bring armor or guards? What was I thinking? I cannot believe I allowed this to happen to me. I need to find a way to escape. I am the future Lord of the Gorehall. I cannot die here in this dark room, being used as bait by some monster with a vendetta. If I get out of here… WHEN I get out of here, I am going to make sure this never happens again. I can only assume the “bog witch” he refers to is Kasheen. If she doesn’t kill him I damn well will.
Erryk sat for what felt like hours before he heard what sounded like a whisper.
“Erryk?” a familiar voice called to him from the darkness.
“Who is there? Is that… Kasheen?” Erryk responded confused.
Out of the shadow dropped his cousin. Kasheen looked to be ready for battle. It appeared Talmont’s plan had worked. Kasheen approached Erryk and began to untie him.
“Kasheen no. This is his plan. It’s a trap. He’s trying to lure you here.” Erryk protested.
“I know that Erryk. I assure you I did not come alone.” Kasheen responded. “You look like hell. Stay here and stick to the darkness. I will come get you when the coast is clear.”
“No Kasheen I can help. I can fight. I just need to find my swo…” Erryk stumbled and fell to the ground as he attempted to stand from the chair.
“You are in no shape to fight. Wait here. I will return soon.” Kasheen responded.
Erryk complied. He hated to feel like he was a burden. He had trained years to be a formidable warrior and now he was hiding when all he wanted to do was go outside and help his cousin kill the man that brought him here. He did not like this feeling. He did not like to feel useless as he hid away when there would be a battle right above him. He could not allow himself to be put in this position again. He would have to train harder and to be more prepared for this. Erryk had been blessed his entire life with a warriors ability. He had found few that could truly contend with him and he rarely found himself in a fight he could not win. He realized now that his natural ability would never be enough to defend him from all possible threats. He needed more. He needed to train more. He needed allies. He needed to remove his arrogance and understand that there are stronger and more powerful people out there. He needed to avoid this in the future. If he was going to lead this house, he could not lead it this way. His arrogance and rash thinking has found him removed from the War Council and now hiding in the shadows after being beaten. He would not allow this to happen again.
Erryk could hear the clashing above him. He could also hear yelling but could not make out what was going on. It sounded like at least three people. He knew Kasheen was one and assumed Talmont was another. He only hoped the third was a friend and not another enemy.
A few moments later the clashing stopped. Everything went silent. Erryk stood up and went further into the darkness of the room. He hoped that the door would open and reveal Kasheen but he feared he would not be so lucky. Erryk did not have his sword and if Talmont was the one to come through that door he was unsure as to how he would escape. These shadows will help conceal me for my initial attack. I could wait for him to come in and investigate where I have gone. Then I can charge him and hope that the battle upstairs took enough out of him to give me an upper hand. If I can get him off of his feet I can finish him off. I just need him off his feet.
A minute later Erryk heard walking down the hall and could see the shadows through the crack of the door. The door opened and Erryk prepared himself to charge. He squatted down, ready to run at Talmont when he saw a familiar face. Kasheeen appeared in the doorway and peeked her head in.
“Erryk? It is safe now.” She whispered into the room.
Erryk stepped out of the shadows, bruised and beaten. Blood all over his face as he approached Kasheen. “And Talmont?”
“Good riddance. Wish I had been there.”
Kasheen nodded and escorted Erryk up the stairs. As they walked out Erryk felt the salty splash of sea air. He looked around and realized they were on a boat. This explains the swaying. Erryk noticed the headless body of Talmont laying before him. Erryk’s sword was tied to the waist of the corpse. He noticed somebody standing over the body lean down and take the sword. The person walked up to Erryk revealing themselves to be his friend, Robb Stonecrow.
“I believe this is yours my lord.” He said as he handed Erryk his sword.
Erryk took the sword from his friend. He had finally found Stonecrow.


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