The Dirge of Caragore

Erryk POV #2

Erryk POV #2
He woke up later than normal this morning. He knew he did not have anything he was required to do. His father, Eorlanas, was meeting with Keven Lannister and this gave Erryk nothing he was needed for today. He was unsure as to what he would do today but he knew he needed to get out. He was not enjoying his time in Lannisport and he needed to take his mind off the things that had transpired the night previous. So far, in Lannisport he had been told his friend, Robb Stonecrow, was sneaking around behind his back, he had been attacked in the streets, lead a hunt for the man responsible, saw the death of that man, and was come onto by his new mother. This trip could not end soon enough. He needed to find Stonecrow. Stonecrow would help him keep his mind off the strange behavior of the Lady Nymeria the night before. Maybe he could get some information about what Stonecrow had been doing behind his back while on this trip.
Erryk got dressed, grabbed his sword, and walked out of his bed chambers. Stonecrow ended up being much harder to find than Erryk had anticipated. He asked the men if they had seen him and it seemed that nobody had. Finally, Erryk was able to track Stonecrow’s whereabouts to the docks. The docs. Dammit Stonecrow what are you doing down there? Would you be drinking this early? Whoring may haps? Erryk was not sure as to why Stonecrow was at the docks but he was skeptical on whether he should go down or not. He had his sword and there were few men who would pose a threat to him but the docks were not a safe place for a Lord to go alone and he had left his armor in his room. No matter. I am sure many people have heard of how quickly we cut down the thugs that attacked us yesterday. Nobody would dare attack me unless they want a quick death.
Erryk arrived at the docks and noticed some commotion. There were guards all over and it appeared that something had happened the night previous. He found that the tavern he was looking for was the center of the activity.
“What happened here?” Erryk asked the guard upon entering the building.
“There was a murder last night.” The guard responded.
A murder? Erryk thought to himself, It had better not be Stonecrow. Erryk approached the bar keep to see if he had seen his lipless friend. Since his father’s punishment, Stonecrow would not have gone unnoticed.
“Yes I recall seeing a fella like that. He had a room upstairs.” The Barkeep responded while pointing in the direction of the room. Erryk handed him a few coins and went upstairs.
He approached the room and noticed no guards stationed near it. This set his mind at ease a bit as he knew there would be guards protecting the scene of the murder had it been Stonecrow. However, his mind did not stay at ease as he noticed the door to the room was open. It seemed strange that Stonecrow would leave the door open if he were sitting inside. It also seemed strange that they would keep the door open after he had left. Erryk approached the door with his hand on the hilt of his blade.
“Stonecrow?” He softly said into the room, hoping to hear his friend’s voice respond. There was no response. Erryk walked into the room. It appeared to be empty and nobody seemed to be there. If Stonecrow as here he had been gone for some time now.
It was at this moment that Erryk heard the door slam shut behind him. He turned quickly around and felt a large and strong fist meet with his face. Erryk fell back and ripped his sword out of its scabbard making a satisfying hiss as it slide out. Before him, Erryk saw a huge man he did not recognize, wearing heavy armor but no weapon in hand. “Who are you?” Erryk shouted at the man. “Talmont!” The man shouted back as he charged for another attack. Erryk met him with his blade stabbing it between his armor plates in his shoulder. This armor would not be easy to penetrate so Erryk would need to be fast and plan his strikes well. The man doubled back in pain from the strike and snarled at Erryk.
“I did not come here for you but you’ll do nicely in luring the bog witch to me little lordling.” Talmont declared.
“I will be no bait!” Erryk responded as he pressed the attack.
Erryk stabbed his sword toward Talmont’s leg and pierced between the armor once more. That must have wounded him and it will at least slow him down if there is any need for escape. He does not seem to be phased by my attacks. I may need to think of a new approach. As Erryk planned his next attack, Talmont charged Erryk and delivered another mighty blow to the face, nearly knocking Erryk off of his feet. Erryk could feel the blood coming out of his nose. Something was definitely broken as he could hardly breathe. Another blow like that and I may not make it out of here alive.
Erryk recalled seeing a window on the opposite side of the door when he entered. We are on the second floor. If I can make it out that window and survive the landing, he would not be able to follow me. I would have time to escape. Erryk had not time to think more on this and he ran back and turned toward the window. He dove out the window, glass flying as he landed in a bush below. Erryk did not bother to look back as he attempted to escape.
He had not gotten far before he heard the familiar voice of Talmont yelling out in pursuit.
“Somebody stop that man! He is the murderer!” He heard Talmont shout as the people stopped and began to peruse Erryk. He had not time to think so Erryk began to run. He did not like the feeling of running away from an accusation like this. It made him seem like a murderer. He could stop and turn to them and explain the situation but this would give Talmont the time he needed to catch up. As Erryk ran, he noticed more and more people beginning to join in the pursuit. Before Erryk could plan an escape, he realized he was being surrounded. These people actually believed this man! Why wouldn’t they? I ran away at the first accusation. I need to get back to my camp and to my men.
Erryk turned as he noticed the mob now had him fully surrounded. He stopped and pulled out his sword, pointing it to defend himself and hoping it would not come to this. These people are just trying to help. They do not know that this man is trying to frame me. I must restrain from harming them best I can. It was this moment that the crowd split and out walked Talmont. Erryk shifted to defend himself from the lumbering man who now held a mace in his hands.
“This man murdered another. I will take him into custody.” Talmont yelled.
“You will take me nowhere monster! I killed nobody! This man attacked me without provocation!” Erryk replied.
The crowd began to murmur as Talmont charged at Erryk. Erryk shifted and swung his blade hoping to catch the monster off-guard. His sword stabbed into the armor and bounced off. Erryk looked to the sword as it missed its mark and felt the pain in the back of his head as everything around him went black.


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